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Acoustic Syndicate

Although the McMurrys (Steve, Bryon and Fitz) grew up playing music together in rural North Carolina, Acoustic Syndicate did not come together officially until 1992, when they enlisted bassist Jay Sanders to round out their trio. Their mixture of styles and sounds has always played an important role in the band's identity. While Bryon McMurry's banjo lends a decidedly bluegrass feel to the group, his brother Fitz's work on the drums certainly doesn't fit that mold. Add another layer to the mix, that of Steve McMurry's hard-driving acoustic guitar style and what Maines describes as "the vocal sensibility of the Eagles," and it's not hard to argue that Acoustic Syndicate is creating their own sound on every song. Thanks to the versatility of bassist Jay Sanders, whose playing ranges from jazz to rock to bluegrass to country and back again, the variety of styles blend together seamlessly to create their trademark sound.

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