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Blue Party

The Blue Party is an AMERIPARTY band located in New Orleans, LA. It’s in the name. The Blue Party isn’t just a band, but quite literally a traveling party (often borderline circus). They began, almost three years ago, promoting themselves as a “house party” band that guaranteed a great time with great music as long as you provided the house or venue. As if the show (or spectacle) weren’t enough, they’ll party with you until the keg is kicked and then ride with you to your favorite local bar until last call. Blue Party fans aren’t just fans, but friends—the band makes a point of that. And thanks to them, the band was able to release their first full-length album, Too Young, completely self-funded. It’s no wonder the Marquette University newspaper in Milwaukee apply dubbed their musical genre “Ameriparty.” These days you can find The Blue Party in a variety of cities and college towns across the country, rocking the socks off all who stumble upon their act. Tirelessly on tour, the band always finds ways to stay out on the road to keep building their grassroots following, whether it’s a house party in Starkville, MS, a bar in Kansas, or a major festival in New Orleans. Why should you believe in The Blue Party experience, you ask? Well, if being a self-sustaining musical throwdown isn’t enough, then look to their musicianship. The six members represent a vast array of qualities: Alex’s several years of jazz studies, Al’s funky punk rock upbringing, Chris’s southern rock and soul, Natalie and Reid’s midwestern folk and roots rearin’, and George’s…everything in between — garnished with a broadly sinister hint of devilishness. But what unites this band? Their love of bringing the good times. Tuscaloosa’s Wellthatscool.com says it best: “We just describe them as a band that makes everyone want to dance and not feel un-cool about doing it. It is next to impossible not to have fun with these guys.”

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