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Burnside Exploration

As long as these Burnsides can remember, the sounds of the North Mississippi Hill Country Blues has been resonating in their ears. The two have been inseparable their entire lives as they are only two years apart. Then they were 13 and 11, they started playing the Juke Joint circuit together with Junior Kimbrough and have done so every weekend since. Junior would pick Garry up for the gigs and act as his guardian as Garry was far too young to be on his own. Granddaddy R.L. would do the same with Ced. Their music is a modern interpretation of the grooves that carried their family through life - a hybrid of the old Mississippi Hill Country Blues and some good, solid R&B and Rock & Roll. Garry says "People could relate to my Dad's music and Junior's music." Cedric adds "We do the same style of music, but we represent the younger generation -- Young Hill Country Blues. I try to write music about every day life and I want people to relate to it -- if they can't relate to it, I hope they can at least groove to it."

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