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Debauche formed about 2007-2008 at Kahve Coffeeshop on Royal Street, where Y. Romantsov sang every Friday from 10pm till 12am, drinking his home made honey pepper vodka and singing his Russian hooligan songs, as he called it. “little by little, these evenings turned into... debauche... jam sessions.”

Among frequent guests besides friends, neighbors, and police, were Eve Venema and Christian Kuffner (Zydepunks) — later it turned into friendship. Jesse Stoltzfus broke his hand and couldn’t play violin. So he started at the band as a drummer. Later he had mastered both of those instruments and played on them simultaneously. He can also ride a unicycle and juggle at the same time. Later the band had joined Vincent Schmidt – accordion player from Oregon, where he played in another Russian band “Chervona” and also bass player from Zydepunks – Scott Potts, who later mastered the upright bass and took truly Russian nickname – Boroda. Now he is called Scott “The Beard” Boroda. And one of the earliest musicians was Eli Pritykin who’s mostly responsible for all the graphic work you see. Over time they have played with many more wonderful musicians.

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