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Funk Monkey

Funk Monkey is a newly formed New Orleans music group playing funky, jazzy, groove music with New Orleans flavor. Conceived by Bert Cotton and Greg Hicks, both current members of the popular New Orleans band Bonerama, Funk Monkey's soulful grooves and funky melodies infuse many different musical styles that are tied together by the culture and heritage of New Orleans.

Featuring members of Johnny Sketch & The Dirty Notes, Papa Gros Funk, Jon Cleary & AMG among others, Funk Monkey can be seen live all over New Orleans playing @ Tipitina's, The Maple Leaf, Blue Nile & DBA New Orleans, as well as at Popular New Orleans Festivals Wednesday @ The Square & The Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo….

Be The Funk you want to see in the World!!!

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