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"A violin is not so distant from a guitar, nor a bass from a cello. This is the logic under which things began for the band to be known as Glasgow!. And, justified only by a violinist's inherent need for high-maintenance attention, Sam Craft decided he was to sing as well. Close chum and soon-to-be musical colleague Andrew Hartsock, at this point a staunch McCarthyist, would finally get that guitar. It would take a number of trials before happening upon percussion prodigy Eric Rogers. It was his work with the seminal prog-rock outfit Antenna Inn that caught the ear of the Craft/Craft/Hartsock alliance. After a brief but discriminate scouting campaign, the four pounced upon the infamous principal Trumpeteer and Social Svengali of The Archbishop's Own Ensemble Cuivres and Pleasure Club, Michel-Cory Schultz. And the rest is pending global submission. The band is now playing live to ever-fervent audiences in support of their new EP 'One of Me', a Saint's Day Media release." - Sal Ponticello, 'Pop, Drop, and Roll'

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