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Gordon Gano

Gordon Gano, frontman and songwriter for the seminal band, The Violent Femmes, is one of the most influential and revered songwriters in alternative rock music. He has influenced bands such as Weezer, Arcade Fire, Interpol, and Gnarls Barkley, who recently recorded "Gone Daddy Gone" for their hit record St. Elsewhere. Brothers Billy and Brendan Ryan, formerly of The Bogmen, currently score films, (The Heartbreak Kid, The First Saturday in May, and MO), and have joined Gano in this new musical collaboration, appropriately titled GanoRyan.

The history of Gordon Gano and The Ryan Brothers starts in the cafés, pubs and laundromats of New York’s West Village. The Ryans' would write and record ideas in their home studio, often with Gano’s voice in mind, then would drop off the recordings in Gano’s mailbox. Gano, a prolific songwriter and poet, would put his ideas to the Ryans' music and the result is a brand new, large body of work.

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