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Gov't Majik

Gov't Majik - the Dirty South Afro-Beat Arkestra


      Gov’t Majik was originally formed by bassist Bru Bruser in January, 2005.  They were popular around the Frenchmen St. scene but it was not to be, Katrina saw to that.  With only a few members returning to New Orleans it seemed they had lost the Magic...  But hope soon returned when Bruser ran into an old friend, guitarist David Hyman, and they began writing music for the band.  They knew they had struck artistic gold when they joined forces with Brazilian keyboardist Eduardo Tozzatto. When founding saxophonist Allen Dejan returned to New Orleans the groups core was cemented.  From the start the response was phenomenal and they’ve experienced an enormous amount of support.  Their debut CD - Reality (It Hits You...), released in March 2007, opened a lot of ears and doors to their music and they’ve continued to grow musically and refine their sound.  They call this new music Afro-Tech and are looking forward to bringing their new sound to listeners and audiences around the world!  Their second album Party Favors dropped January 9, 2010 and introduced more vocals to their horn and percussion drenched sound! The Majik Horn section, anchored by the legendary Tim Green, received a huge boost by the return of alto saxophonist Khari Lee from a 2 year stay in Tanzania.  The combination of Tim Green with Khari Lee, Allen Dejan on tenor sax and Antonio Gambrell on trumpet comprises one of the great horn sections in modern New Orleans history.  Gov’t Majik is currently working on their newest record, This Magic Feeling, and are just coming off a game changing performance on the Acura Stage at the 2011 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.   

The Mission

    “Free your mind and your ass will follow...”  The other essential element in their music is the message.  The funkiest and most profound music ever made has often carried socially conscious themes and lyrics. Whether its James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Fela Kuti, Funkadelic, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, Curtis Mayfield or Public Enemy (the list goes on and on!), funk artists have always urged listeners to lift their minds in addition to moving their bodies.  They took their name from the lyric of a Fela Kuti song “Unknown Soldier” where the band chants “govament magic!” as Fela berates Nigeria’s leaders with a damning list of instances where they had cheated the people and not delivered on their word - a situation the people of Louisiana are all to familiar with. Gov’t Majik is determined to positively affect the world through music, strive to be a force for change and a voice of resistance for New Orleans.  What’s their message? Hope!

The Band

Bass: Bru Bruser

Guitar:  David Hyman

Keyboards:  Eduardo Tozzatto

Drums:  Gabriel Velasco

Percussion:  Tedo Oliveira

Tenor & Baritone Sax:  Tim Green

Tenor Sax & EWI:  Allen Dejan

Alto Sax:  Khari Lee

Trumpet:  Antonio Gambrell

Recent Additions

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