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Gravy is the culmination of four distinct views of musical appreciation. Since forming in 2003, Gravy has quickly climbed the ranks of the New Orleans music scene, providing a mix of styles and genres that satisfy the sophisticated palettes of their fans. It did not take them long to find a following in New Orleans, and soon, they had earned the privilege of playing events such as French Quarter Festival, along with numerous late night shows during the prestigious New Orleans Jazz Fest. Having established themselves in New Orleans, Gravy set out to bring their music to others, and have found heralded success in many southern college towns and in bars and clubs all along the Gulf Coast. Gravy released a self titled EP in 2005 that, while produced on a small scale, has found airtime on a local radio station, WWOZ, which is widely known for it's loyalty to maintaining a rich musical scene in New Orleans. Gravy is greater than the sum of its parts. Individually, they are simply four men, each with ideas and dreams. Together, they form a group that transcends genre and style. They are one group, full of many tastes and styles, that always leaves the listener wanting more...

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