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Hill Country Hounds

Two years ago, while building the Cockadoodle Convent (chicken coop) at Ye Olde College Inn, owner Johnny Blancher suggested that Jason Brettel start a Tex-Mex band. So it began. Finding the right group of players proved to be no easy task. Harder, in fact, than finding our sound, which quickly crystallized into a witty Country/Americana with a hint of the tejano sound lingering. So, here it is, our first album, the self-titled Hill Country Hounds (HCH). HCH was recorded and mixed at the Living Room Studio in Algiers.

Produced by John Chelew and the Hounds, HCH surpassed our expectations both sonically and poetically. John has worked with The Blind Boys of Alabama, John Hiatt, Los Lobos, Arron Neville, Donovan and Papa Mali. As you might guess, we were very excited to work with him and what a difference it made having him there.

* THE RINGERS * To make music you need talented players and we got ‘em.

Tom Marron - Fiddle/Harmonica
Hailing from Vermillion County, Illinois. Harmonica and Violin became his go-to moves when pro basketball turned out to be more imaginary than lucrative. Holds the now unbreakable record for consecutive-made free throws at the Mermaid Lounge right here in the 504 . Playing with the Songdogs, Lil Queenie, Leigh Harris, Sonny Landreth, John Mooney and Jimmy Robinson has given him an appreciation for cajun, country and R&B music, and he is glad to be a hound. Diggs eggs.

Bruce Tyner - Pedal Steel
From SC. Moved to Nola in '03 to soak up some of the city's rich musical heritage. Master's degree in music performance from Winthrop Univ. A virtuoso of guitar, bass, pedal steel, mandolin, banjo and piano. Plays with many groups in Nola in many styles: The Space Heaters, The F-holes, the Rotten Cores, J. The Savage, Kim Carson, Johnny Dilks, Johnny Angel, Chicken on the Bone, Oak Alley, 90 Degrees West, Boot Hill, among others. Prefers eggs.

* THE WRITERS * To make poetry you need great writers and we got ‘em.

Jamie Bernstein - Guitar/Vocal
For almost 20 years now, Jamie has been writing and performing songs, poetry and music in and around New Orleans. Jamie grew up in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia, the heart of the Old Timey music scene and home to some of the best known bluegrass artists in history. He began his music career in New Orleans as producer and songwriter for James Andrews and The Crescent City Allstars 2007 release - People Get Ready. Jamie subsequently released two records of original songs as the bandleader for J. The Savage Band. In May of 2014 he released his solo album WhoonDang. This guy has an affinity for eggs.

Larry Hall - Guitar/Vocal
An experienced guitarist, singer and songwriter from Scotland; has been a New Orleans' resident for over twenty years. Larry has played with many of the city’s premiere musicians, including Tommy Ridgley, Oliver 'Who Shot The LaLa' Morgan and continues to be involved in several ongoing projects. Quoted as saying, "I like eggs.”

* THE RHYTHM * To make people dance you need a funky rhythms, we got ‘em.

Miguel Barrosse - Bass/Vocal
Miguel has been involved in music in New Orleans since 4th grade, playing trumpet in school marching bands and orchestras. He is a professional sound engineer with over ten years of experience locally and nationally, most recently as house engineer at The Maple Leaf Bar and Tipitina's. Before joining the Hounds, Miguel played bass for The Swip, J. the Savage and several others. Gets this spooky laugh when eggs are mentioned.

Last but not least...
Jason Brettel - Drums/Bandleader
Also Involved in music in New Orleans since 4th grade, Jason started out playing percussion in marching bands and orchestras. He is one of the originators of Los Po-Boy-Citos and plays drums for the soul band The Essentials. Not many people can say they built a bowling alley but Jason can. Head over to Rock'N'Bowl to see his work and occasionally see him on the stage there playing music. He builds chicken coops because eggs are delicious.

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