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Ingrid Lucia

"We don't really have words to describe women like Ingrid Lucia Pearlman. This is because there aren't many women like Ingrid around anymore. her voluptuous figure flows like mercury inside the strappy dress she's poured into. She rolls her eyes coyly as she pouts and preens around the stage like a white Josephine Baker. She alternates between shamelessly flirting with the other members of the band and making every guy in the audience think that she's singing just for them. She could be a good girl playing bad or a bad girl playing good. Ingrid is a minx, a sassy minx. Smirking like the cat who got the cream while she does that 'little ole me?' thing with her big innocent eyes. Ingrid is a woman at the height of her powers. She's got it. And then she sings like Billie Holliday without even trying and you wonder how men stay married when there are women like Ingrid around." - Brendan O'Conner - Ireland's Sunday Independent

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