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The islands of Hawaii are not only the biggest influence on IRATION’s sound they are home to all of its members. IRATION was born from a love of all types of music and a desire to create something new. Elements of reggae, rock, and pop are mixed with keyboard/synth and melodic vocal lines to create something truly unique. IRATION is best heard in a live setting where you can truly experience the full spectrum of their range. They have proven to truly have an understanding of modern and traditional performance techniques that keep young and old fans’ hands in the air and heads bobbing.

In 2007, they recorded and released their first full length album, No Time for Rest, which featured one of the last recorded performances by reggae legend Mikey Dread, who produced accomplished musicians such as The Clash and UB40. Since then IRATION has released several more recordings: Sample This EP, Time Bomb LP, and Fresh Grounds EP, which included several songs that garnished much radio success that boosted the band’s popularity and opened the door for TV and other media placements. They have been lucky enough to share stages with Kings of Leon, 311, George Clinton and many other talented acts in venues such as Santa Barbara Bowl and The Wiltern Theater, as well as at events such as Cypress Hills Annual Smoke Out Festival, West Beach Music Festival and Sunset Strip Music Festival.

IRATION continues to tour relentlessly and looks forward to their highly anticipated 2011 Festival performances. These Hawaiian-raised naturally talented musicians look forward to spreading their original sound, aloha spirit, and cutting edge surf culture as far as possible and continuing to make original music.

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