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Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey

"One look at this scruffy trio of touring bohemians from Tulsa, Okla., (they play 150 dates a year across the country), and 'jam band' immediately comes to mind. However, what pianist Brian Haas, bassist Reed Mathis and drummer Jason Smart are doing as Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey is more harmonically involved and rhythmically intricate than anything coming out of the jam-band scene. Formed 10 years ago, JFJO was initially inspired by Medeski, Martin & Wood. But the trio has gradually embraced more audacious experimentation. No neo hippie, post - Phish group would have the skill or even the nerve to tackle Duke Ellington's 'In A Sentimental Mood' (at least without irony) and yet, JFJO does precisely that with a heartfelt rendition" - Bill Milkowski, Jazz Times

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