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A native of Uptown New Orleans, Juvenile began recording raps at the age of 19, releasing his debut album Being Myself in 1994. The album gave name to the southern rap style known as "bounce" which is now imitated by hip-hop artists and producers across the country. The album was followed by Solja Rags in 1997; its underground popularity led to the major-label release of 400 Degreez in 1998. After releasing Tha G-Code in 1999 and Project English in 2001, Juvenile left Cash Money Records. In 2003, he returned to Cash Money to record Juve the Great, spawning the number-one hit "Slow Motion". In 2006, he was signed to Atlantic Records, releasing the album Reality Check under that label. Reality Check debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart, being his first number-one album. Production began in May 2005, most of it being done at a Holiday Inn hotel room in New Orleans. Juvie is now about to release his second record on Atlantic Records. This record that was recorded primarily in his new recording studio in Uptown New Orleans and features many prominent figures in the hip hop game. Juvie is presently hard at work on The Hot Boys reunion record and various business startups.

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