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Koan was born in New Orleans, LA in 1977 and started playing saxaphone at the age of 6. By age 11 he was was accepted into the "all-city band" as section leader. The next year he took section for the all-state band". At 14 Koan took up the trumpet and excelled at that as well. After high school Koan decided to pusue other musical goals. He began to incorparate his poetry into raps, and gained local street cred with his crew "The Daily Bread Unit". After a freestyle session on stage at a Hieroglypics concert in 2001, he knew that on the stage holding the mic was where he was meant to be. Koan is currently the MC for the band E.O.E and up and coming soloist. He has traveled all over the U.S. bringing his Style, Energy, and Phenomenal lyrics to people who may have thought New Orleans didn't know true Hip Hop. There's no other MC quite like him. If you've seen him perform you know what I mean. His stage presence, more like that of a rocker than your average MC, often gives audiences goose bumps and some even weep (I'm a witness). Koan's lyrics are gritty and raw, and range from battle raps to issues of social conscienceness. After a 2-year stint Colorado after Katrina, Koan is back in NOLA performing regularly.

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