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Formed in early 2006, MNSKP ("em-en-es-kuh-pee") quickly took the New Orleans music scene by storm. Since their first show, the band has gathered a strong following as a result of their high-energy live shows and unique musical sound. The birth of MNSKP was a quick one. Its roots, however, were well-founded and established long ago. Beginning with various grade school and high school bands and musical experiments throughout the eighties and nineties, the members of MNSKP learned the ropes of the music world early on. They finally came together by chance when the guys offered to play a few of Mia's songs with her for a five song opening set. After years of fallen bands, MNSKP was finally born. With the expansion of the sets and the development of their unique musical composition, the band's following grew and continues to today. Their first disc, entitled "the ep," is available now.

Recent Additions

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