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Molly Ringwalds

Why 80's music you ask? Well, every generation has a feeling that is defined by the music of that time period. For the Molly Ringwalds, this was it. When MTV was just a baby, undeveloped, and uncorporate. It was exciting. Fashions that were once only on our TV screens and magazines were now breaking into the hallways of our schools. Your look defined who you were at that time. Were you a Durannie? A Jock? A Bow-head? A Pot-Head? Technology collided with melody and fashion and thus, the '80s music revolution was created. No, it wasn't all good (Tiffany, Footloose, and the Fat Boys), but when it was good, it was great (Adam Ant, Ratt, The Go-Go's...the list goes on.)

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