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The formation of O.A.R. wasn't all that unusual. Singer/Lyricist Marc Roberge, who lists Bob Marley's Babylon by Bus and Crowded House's self-titled album as his first two CD purchases, got together with his junior high school classmate and best friend, drummer Chris Culos, who listened to Genesis, Metallica, and the Beastie Boys. They found common ground in the Pearl Jam "MTV Unplugged" video, which they would watch over and over again. To expand the line-up, Roberge invited guitarist Richard On to join them and Culos recruited Benj Gershman.

"A reporter once brilliantly called our music a train wreck of many styles," Roberge says. "That is what it is. I really do think it's an accidental thing when you've got five guys who like five different kinds of music getting in and playing together. Yeah, you're going to experience a lot of confusion. Within confusion, there's fusion. It works for us."

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