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Rotary Downs

Rotary Downs is currently rolling out its spanking new collection of songs, Cracked Maps & Blue Reports. After performing its 4th consecutive New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, the band just played sellout shows on the west coast at The Mint in Los Angeles, Winstons in San Diego, and The Boom Boom Room in San Francisco. And is fresh off the heels of a 3-night New York run. The new album has been receiving positive reviews locally and nationally.

"Cracked Maps & Blue Reports . . . perfectly New Orleanian: both high and low, in and out, joyous and mournful." - Filter Magazine, March 2010

"Rotary Downs reside in a world where rock theatrics and over the top shenanigans are replaced with exquisite songcraft, lyrical dexterity, and a musical adventurousness that refuses to honor any conventional orthodoxy or stylistic barriers. Their tunes bounce, roll, and sneak along in fits of magic realism, backed by a mellow wizardry, that gives way to layers and layers of poly-woven subcontextual feasts. It's facilitated with traditional rock instrumentation, but with something subtle and intriguing cloaked beneath it, like the chambers of an owls heart embedded within each element." -Independent Weekly , March 2010

"A propulsive, infectious urgency informs this latest bumptious, captivating offering from one of New Orleans' emerging rock joys . . . Each cut is lovingly layered, harmonically stretched and played with palpable affection." -JamBase, March 2010

Rotary Downs is James Marler (lead vocal/guitar), Chris Colombo (lead guitar), Jason Rhein (bass/vocal), Zack Smith (drums), Michael Girardot (trumpet/keys/guitar), and, occasionally, Tif Lamson (vocal/percussion).

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