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Born in New York, Samuel has been surrounded by music his entire life. His mother, whom he credits as his biggest influence, was a singer and performer in her own right. It wasn’t long before he followed in her footsteps, forming a string of bands throughout high school. Playing shows and doing home recordings, Samuel attracted some indie label attention but after being introduced to Ben “DJ BRoc” Ruttner, part of the production duo the Knocks, he decided to break off to pursue a solo career.

After a year and a half of writing, recording and performing, Samuel amassed a repertoire of catchy electro-pop bangers and, in the fall of 2008, his soulful voice, inspired lyrics, and dulcet hooks caught the ears of executives at Columbia Records who wasted no time in signing him to a record deal. With a record in the works for January 2010, the hype surrounding this up and coming talent has attracted major names from the hip-hop and pop world, all eager to work with him.

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