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The Scorseses began in July 2009 when band mates Christopher Noto(Alone At The Wheel, Splitwig, Canadian Bacon) and Vincent Ebeier(Alone At The Wheel, 2 Way Radio) were itching to get back in the New Orleans rock scene post-Katrina. They called upon local musicians David Latino(Slang Angus, FeedLu), John Jouet(The Bills), Dave Demarest(The Dispensers, The Medians) and Bryce Mansfield. They embarked on a project influenced by alternative rock, classic rock, third wave ska, and new orleans funk in a way that represents our beloved city and it's surrounding areas. What began as Scorseses Kickball Prom(i.e.. named after their first gig) eventually became The Scorseses. Along the way they managed to find master brassman Jimmie Reamey(The Brigadiers Drum & Bugle Corps, The Medians, Jake Smith), saxophonist Danny Nixdorf(The Medians, Jake Smith, Refried Confuzion) and Jerell Rodriguez which helped redefine and strengthen songwriting arrangements. Within weeks The Scorseses shared bills at top local venues with a variety of acts including surf rock legend Dick Dale, rapper MC Chris, 6 Pack Deep, The Local Skank, and Luke Starkiller.

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