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Sera Buras

As a singer, songwriter and musician the creative edge of Sera Buras, points to this young artists deep roots and colorful background in the American South. An hour from New Orleans, theres a town called Buras, named for her grandfather, who settled there from France. The youngest of five children, Sera traversed the South, singing lead with her family's gospel group. By the time Sera turned 12, she and the family were on the summer gospel circuit, opening for established, mostly African-American acts. This continued until the group disbanded when her siblings married and started families of their own. By then, her father had his own church in Gulfport - Sera was music and choir director and she began sneaking out to area casinos to hear all kinds of music. Soon, she was playing piano and singing with a group performing at casinos up and down the coast. Fate took over and delivered Sera into the care and creative mentoring of Platinum and Grammy winning producer Gary Katz (Steely Dan, Laura Nyro and too many more to mention). Sera now has two nationally released compact discs to her credit that were both produced by Gary Katz; the 2003 self-titled album offered an urban and pop flavor while the 2004 release entitled Open On Sunday touches on the blue eyed soul side of Sera. All these events have placed Sera on a fast track to becoming a triple threat talent - accomplished composer, confident, nuanced, and buoyant vocalist and a musician skilled in melody and commercial appeal.

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