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Simon Lott

Simon Lott was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana into a family of classical musicians. While growing up, Simon rejected his mother's wishes for him to become a classical guitarist or cellist, but at age twelve, Simon began taking percussion lessons because he thought he would only have to read rhythms......(HA!) At the age of 15, Simon began performing professionally with various musicians around Baton Rouge and New Orleans, then started leading bands and performing his original compositions. In May of 2000, Lott released his self-produced and mysteriously titled disc In the Parking Lott of Swing, which features many of his works. He has performed with musicians including Charlie Hunter, Robert Walter, Skerik, and members of Galactic. Lott relocated to New York City after Hurricane Katrina took its toll on New Orleans. This tragedy has unfolded many new experiences to Lott's musical, personal, and mental lives. Lott still splits a lott of time between Louisiana and New York for performances and teaches drums part-time at the Univeristy of New Orleans.

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