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Stoop Kids

The New Orleans based group began as the brain-child of front man Griffin Dean writing, sampling, overdubbing, and producing in his dorm room. In contrast to the recordings, however, his desire to adapt the sound to a more high energy live show led to the search for a full band. The other members, though fully committed to the vision, naturally brought a diverse set of personal influences to the table. Baritone sax player, Thomas Eisenhood, brings a jazz and funk feel; the bassist, Patrick DeHoyos, supplies a nu-disco and psychedelic style; on keys and guitar, David Paternostro, contributes a progressive, experimental influence; and drummer, Joe Tontillo, provides an indie, surf pop vibe all of which seamlessly work together in a patchwork of musical stylings that is Stoop Kids.

After extensive touring, listeners have dubbed the Stoop Kids sound with such dualities as ‘Outkast-meets-Vampire Weekend’ and ‘Beach Boys-meets-Beastie Boys’. Their own list of influences includes everything from Talking Heads to Charles Mingus, Amy Winehouse to Daft Punk, and A Tribe Called Quest to The Velvet Underground.

With Dean in front rapping, dancing, soulfully belting or bouncing on top of the soundscape with pointed falsetto and thought-provoking lyrics (all while playing guitar) one can see just how wide ranging the sound can be, but the experience is unified and the audiences don’t dare look away for fear of missing the next surprise of the performance.

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