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Supagroup is an organization with sibling-tight solidarity, insanely unbelievable stories (you'll have to ask them directly, since many are too over-the-top to put in here) and one of the most raucous, riotous and raunchy rock motifs of our time. It's an outfit first formed around Anchorage, Alaska in 1996 by its two figureheads. "We were kind of crazy and weirdly driven back then because our mother is a Pentacostal preacher who didn't let us have rock records," explains Chris's brother and lead guitarist Benji Lee. "We had to hide 'em. So, of course, what do we do? We moved to Sin City (a.k.a. New Orleans) as soon as we got the chance and now play in a rock band that travels around the country, corrupting unsuspecting kids. Needless to say, Momma ain't proud." Says Alice Cooper, "Supagroup is the first band we've had open since Guns N' Roses to get a standing ovation every night."

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