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The Lowrider Band

The band was called the "CREATORS" and they played the Southern California circuit. In 1967, they changed their name to "NIGHT SHIFT" performing in and around Hollywood. Then in '69, "Night Shift" core members played in a group called "War." In the year 2001, the soul of this band has evolved into the Original Low Riders, the essence of raw funk grooves created spontaneously in front of live audiences. Anyone who has experienced the catharsis of their live shows knows that the legendary performers and writers are much more than a catalogue of platinum records and hits like a "Low Rider," "Slippin Into Darkness," "Spill The Wine," and "Cisco Kid." This is a band with chemistry; a band that can build a Latin tinged groove like a force of nature and take it to the depths of funk, soul, R&B, and jazz. True to their original mission, they continue to evolve and push the boundaries of popular music.


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