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To Be Continued Brass Band

To Be Continued started playing in high school at conventions, talent shows, and neighborhood parties. The band was invited to perform on stage with Big Al Carson in a club in the French Quarter. When Mr. Carson asked how he should introduce them to the crowd they responded, "We don't have a name." Mr. Carson said "Well, it will be To Be Continued." The band was formed in 2002 when Mr. Rawlins, the Director of Carver Sr. High School Band, was asked to form a brass band from his marching unit to perform at a convention in Florida. The marching unit got together with some of their friends from John F. Kennedy Senior High to form a brass band to raise money to for trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Through music, the members of the marching band saw an opportunity to divert their friends from a lethal path of street crimes and drugs. They decided to pursue a creative outlet and legitimate source of income. Playing day in and day out at the mouth of the legendary Bourbon and Canal Streets, the band witnessed the good and bad sides of the New Orleans hospitality industry. To Be Continued's goal is to be successful, to keep the brass band music scene alive, and to inspire young people to take music lessons and learn both music and a form of personal discipline. And the rest is... To Be Continued...

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