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T-Wreck consists of Darryl Donald (theater artist JR Reed) on vocals, Klip Calhoun (Kyle Gass of Tenacious D) on guitar, Boy Johnny (John Spiker of Shorty) on bass, Shredy Krueger (aka John Konesky of Shorty) on electric guitar, Lance Branson (Chris D'Arienzo) on the keys and Kenny Bob Thornton (theater artist Kevin Weisman) on drums. T-Wreck claims to hail from Detroit and has a sound that is pretty hard to label. Klip describes it as Grand Funk meets the Allman Brothers or as in Darryl's words "Chick-Fried ROCK". The band has written a wide variety of songs and has covered pretty much everything from Kenny Loggins to Eminem. Each show, the band performs in full red-neck attire; mullets, mirrored sunglasses, leather vests and pants that are just a little bit too tight.

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