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Coming of age in the Bay Area in the mid 90s, VAST front man Jon Crosby was exposed to an eclectic mix of alternative music, global consciousness, coffeehouse culture, and the Internet. It was in this atmosphere he began experimenting with mixing electronic, world, classical, metal, and pop to create a sound that music critics found impossible to classify.

Although critics have compared VAST to a number of commercially successful bands throughout the years, Crosby's unique songwriting and production style continues to cleverly evade niche appeal. "When people hear our debut CD for the first time, they think it was recorded recently," he says. "It was recorded in 1998! I'm proud of this, and I think it goes to show that there is light at the end of the tunnel when you focus more on growing artistically and less on growing financially. People do notice the effort someone puts in to making something special."

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